Business Law & Litigation

Business law entails everything from planning the start-up of a business to the eventual transition or dissolution of that business. The first step in the process is considering and determining the appropriate type of business organization to create (i.e., C-Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC, or LLP). Once that is done, the forming documents are drafted.

The firm is also available to review, revise or draft specific contractual agreements for your going concern. These types of documents include employment agreements, asset sale or purchase agreements, license agreements and others. Of course, there are also annual reporting requirements that must be undertaken as well, including filing records with the Georgia Secretary of State, establishing local trade names for entities and engaging in shareholder or other owner meetings.

Upon termination or transfer of the business interest, the firm can guide you through the process by drafting the appropriate agreements.

No matter how good the planning is, or how simply the document may have been drafted, disputes arise between parties. Other businesses or individuals may be interfering with your business somehow. The firm can represent your business as a plaintiff or defendant at all levels in Georgia's state courts and in most of the federal courts here. But unlike personal injury (which is personal by its name), commercial situations ultimately fall to the financial bottom line. While it is often tempting to fight on principle, sometimes it just does not make sound business sense in the long run. The firm prides itself on helping business owners realize this, analyze all aspects, and move on. This may mean continuing to fight in court or pursuing relief in an alternative forum - or even compromising the claim short of litigation.