Construction and Surety Law

One of the firm's hallmarks is its construction and surety practice. Mr. Dempsey has practiced in various aspects of construction law over the years. He has defended contractors and subcontractors for alleged defects in single family homes, multi-unit structures and other commercial buildings. He has represented sureties on projects throughout the Southeast and is willing to be heavily involved in the process if necessary.

On one project that the surety took over, Mr. Dempsey even served as the de facto project manager during the completion stages. His advanced studies in building construction have helped him better understand the construction process generally and make him invaluable for projects, whether a single home, government property or commercial space.

If you have a potential claim against your builder, or if you are a builder anywhere in the building process when problems arise, please contact the firm. Even if a problem is just brewing or is approaching a claim stage, the firm may be able to offer assistance in resolving the dispute or just drafting necessary contracts at the outset that will minimize the risk of dispute down the line.