Cultural Conservation Law

This area of law is quite special. We see cultural artifacts around us everywhere-homes listed on the National Register, Civil War relics, Civil Rights documents, works of art. Each of these has its own unique worth, whether personal or financial. Often there are legal implications of ownership of such items. For instance, is the archaeological artifact a protected religious piece? Is the rare first edition novel truly worth something, and would a museum want it? Can I keep this "UFO" I found in my backyard, or do I have to turn it in to the government?

In earning his Master of Heritage Preservation degree, Mr. Dempsey has acquired knowledge and understanding of the unique legal issues presented by cultural resources. He is also able to work within a network of preservation professionals on your behalf. Moreover, he has married two of his main practice areas, historic preservation and estate planning, to more wholly represent clients with valuable cultural resources, even if that value is just personal. For individuals, if you wish to nominate historic property to the National Register, grant a façade easement, or donate or loan items to a museum, please contact the firm. For businesses and industry professionals, if you have a question or need advice regarding a § 106 review, a § 4(f), or any other environmental impact study, get in touch with Mr. Dempsey.