Estate and Will Planning, Drafting, and Administration

Wright Dempsey Provides Estate Planning in Metro Atlanta, GA

The fundamental document in any estate plan is the last will and testament. Not only does it direct the distribution of your accumulated property, but in Georgia it also allows parents the opportunity to direct who will care for your minor children upon your passing. A trust might also be a valuable tool in planning your estate. Trusts come in a variety of types, often with distinct purposes. Several years ago, the Georgia legislature passed a comprehensive reform of the trust code. Other important planning documents are healthcare directives. Even if you already have these documents, it is recommended that clients periodically review and check up on their planning instruments.

Planning your estate in Metro Atlanta involves looking at your unique financial and life circumstances to determine which documents are appropriate for you to have. Once that is accomplished, the firm will be able to draft all necessary documents and then properly execute them.

As we all know, death and taxes are the only guarantees. Thus, this firm will assist in guiding you or your family through the process of estate administration when the time comes.

Do You Know Where Your Assets Will Go After You're Gone?

You will if you work with our Dunwoody, GA, attorney

End of life documents are fundamental to ensuring your property is distributed the way you want and specifying who will make decisions on your behalf once you pass. Without proper planning for your estate, the court will determine where your assets will go and who will care for your children after you're gone.

Don't give the state a say-so on decisions that should be yours - hire the estate planning attorney at The Law Office of W. Wright Dempsey, Jr., LLC in the surrounding the city Dunwoody surrounding Atlanta, GA. Our lawyer will evaluate your financial situation and general circumstances to begin drafting your last will and testament. End of life documents don't just tell your estate executor who to give your assets to, they also help determine:

•Who will care for your minor children
•Who will make medical decisions if you are unable
•Who will make legal decisions if you are unable
•Who will distribute your property

Whether you want your current documents reviewed or you're ready to start the planning process, you won't regret making The Law Office of W. Wright Dempsey, Jr., LLC in Dunwoody your chosen estate planning attorney.

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