Hidden Treasures and Garage Sale Finds

We hear stories about people finding treasures at garage sales or buried in their attics—things that look like junk but are anything but.  I saw a random saucer in my attic yesterday.  It was sitting gently on a pillow of insulation and probably was there to catch a leak for decades.  Maybe it is worth something.  I saw a story on the news this week about a bowl bought at a yard sale that was from the Ming Dynasty and is worth tens of thousands. 

Having a degree in heritage preservation, I am able to assist in identifying assets in an estate in the planning stages or in administration after the passing of the decedent that may have some unexpected financial value.  Books are a great example.  If a single, rare book is in a collection, it may be overlooked by family members.  Calling it out specifically, however, in your will is one tool to make sure its greatest potential value is captured. 

For fun in honor of World Book Day, browse through this list of book titles and see if you have a valuable first edition treasure.  https://a.msn.com/r/2/BB1eeA0M?m=en-us&referrerID=InAppShare