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Letter From Wright

In almost 17 years of practice in several areas of law, some general and some special, I have developed a personal relationship with clients of all sizes and have handled matters ranging from single transactions such as drafting a healthcare directive to complex, multi-year litigation through trial and appeal. I have practiced in a small firm that only had a handful of attorneys and a large firm that had a handful of offices from Georgia to California. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in each practice, but something always seemed to be missing. It was never that "right fit" for one reason or another. So after much contemplation and consideration, I launched my own firm in 2010 at the same time that I returned to graduate school to earn the masters degree that I have long sought. My guess is that many of you have reached similar crossroads in your professional or personal lives. Attorneys are not any different.

During my formal education and career, I have seen the world change from a time when the term "snail mail" had not yet been conceived to communicating virtually at all hours of the night with clients on mobile phones. Files have gone from taking up walls of cabinet space to a pocket-sized drive or even virtually in the cloud. Technological advances of the last twenty years are truly a double-edged sword. They have allowed me to create a law firm that can more easily and efficiently compete with larger firms, but they have also created a great communication divide between client and attorney and between opposing counsel. Ultimately, I think that is what was missing for me in previous firms-developing true, meaningful relationships with clients, as well as with co-counsel and opposing counsel.

My skills and training have brought me to the place where I can develop the kind of firm that is uniquely suited to my personality. I will be happy to speak with you about any legal need you have. While my main focuses are on historic preservation, estate planning and probate work, it is my sincere hope that if we do have that "right fit," we can make it a "Wright fit" whether you live here in Dunwoody or in the surrounding Atlanta, GA area. It is my goal to help you through whatever legal needs you may have. That may involve advocating in court on your behalf, simply providing a sympathetic ear, offering legal advice about life decisions or business transactions . . . or even whether your historic property is significant enough to be preserved.