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Letter From Wright

When I look at a lawyer's or a firm's website, the first place I usually go is the biography page for the particular attorney. After all, we all are members of the State Bar of Georgia and admitted to practice in courts here. I am interested in that of course, but I am also curious about the individual as well.

Did we go to the same college or law school? Were we there at the same time? Does this person like to ski, travel, or just read a book when not at work? Or is work the person's main focus? Is she a philatelist or not likely to know what that even means? Is he involved in community organizations? If I mention religion or politics, will be able to have a discussion without the latent desire to call each other "crazy" or worse? Essentially, on paper at least, does it seem like this person will "get me," and do we have anything in common?

Just like any other profession, lawyers come in all sizes and shapes and types. My goal is to be true to myself and not try to be a clone of another firm or individual practitioner. That being said, I do pay attention to others and attempt to emulate what I believe to be good practices they offer. By doing this, I hope to attract potential clients who will appreciate this approach and will respond similarly.

This letter is the starting point in my website that will hopefully put us on an inevitable path to a positive relationship where I can creatively help solve problems for you, especially as related to your legacy whether through use of a historic, cultural resource; planning for and disposing of assets in your estate; or creating, operating, and protecting your business interest in the profit or non-profit sectors.

So who am I? I am a North Georgia native who has lived in the Atlanta area for about half of my life. I am actively involved in my church and with the Atlanta Area Council for the Boy Scouts of America. I have been a den leader, cubmaster, and popcorn kernel in my son's pack, and the director of our district's day camp that attracts almost 150 campers each year. I strongly support historic preservation because I believe that it is the best way to recycle on a grand scale while showing what makes a community's culture unique. I have served on my county historic preservation commission and on the boards of local preservation groups. I love jazz music, photography, and enjoy doing yard work (before it gets too hot). A bowtie is a staple in my professional wardrobe, but I am equally as comfortable wearing a hardhat and steel-toed boots at an inspection of a factory. I am a fan of art deco architecture, and many of the pictures on this site are mine.

If any of this interests you personally, then we might be a good fit in an attorney-client relationship. If it has no bearing on your consideration of legal counsel criteria, then please read further about me on this site where you will find information about my academic credentials, professional talks I have given, professional memberships, and the like. At the end, I hope that this site will connect those who have legal needs, mainly in the Dunwoody community, but really anywhere in the state. I offer a 30-minute free consultation for the reason of getting to know each other and to see if I am a good fit to help you in your time of need (whether or not you are aware the need even exists).