Probate Law Attorney

Wills and Estates are administered through probate law

As the old saying goes, death and taxes are the only guarantees. The Law Office of W. Wright Dempsey, Jr., LLC will assist in guiding you or your family through the process of estate administration when the time comes. That guidance may be in the form of probating your estate, administering your affairs if you do not have a will, or even litigating disputes should they arise down the line.

Some estates are as simple as preparing form documents for service and filing and then ensuring that the deeds transferring property are recorded. Other matters are more complex such as when someone contests a gift or a life estate is given for real property or there is no will combined with a large amount of debt. Often a challenge to an appointment of a particular person as executor. There may be gifts of cultural artifacts to a museum or heritage society or the identification and protection of rare assets. Sometimes the property may just take a long time to be transferred.

Mr. Dempsey will work with the survivors of estates he previously prepared when the time comes or will represent people in a challenged estate dispute. These matters often have very short turnaround times to respond, so it is best to contact him with questions as soon as possible after service of a petition is made.